Update (

The update includes the following changes:

  • Added tempo control for MP3+G files
  • Playback now stops when player window is closed
  • Player window now starts on top & shows news
  • Bug Fix – Drag & drop from library to end of queue placed item in second to last position instead of last
  • Bug Fix – Volume did not set correctly on start of MP3+G playback
  • Bug Fix – Trying to play a new song while another song was paused would just skip the new song

If you have a feature suggestion or would like to report a bug, please make a quick post on the Contact Form.


Release the Chickadee! (

This is the first release :)

While Chickadee is eager to leave the nest, he is still just a hatchling.

Please help him grow by leaving feedback in the Contact Form. Chirp chirp!

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