Chickadee for Windows Vista/7/8

Chickadee is a fully-featured karaoke player application for windows vista/7/8 supporting standard MP3+G playback, seamless YouTube integration, and recording.


Chickadee is 100% malware-free

  • Installation and program files are signed by an Extended Validation (EV) code signing certificate
  • domain identity verified and direct download secured by SSL (https)

Note to Windows 8 Users

You may get a “SmartScreen” warning upon install. While Microsoft’s SmartScreen technology does prevent many malware downloads, it also results in many false positives for new applications. Rest assured that Chickadee is 100% malware free.

Eventually the warning will disappear as the application builds reputation on Microsoft’s servers according to their unpublished algorithms. Read more about this issue here: Windows 8’s application SmartScreen: speed bump for desktop apps

To continue with installation from the SmartScreen page please click “More info” and “Run Anyway” (see below).

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